Changing the current One-dimensional education system into


by offering your child a personalised curriculum
through a Homeschooling Cooperative.
Our Philosophy


Life is fundamentally relational. To be effective functionally, we must be effective relationally.


Encouraging imagination and the pursuit of unbridled and fearless curiosity to empower creation.


Identifying individuality and shaping mindsets that transform culture positively, providing
21st-century skillsets.

Are you looking for an alternative to the current, standardised educational model which stifles your child’s curiosity, passions and interests, potentially reducing him/her to another faceless name in a crowd? Don’t you believe that your child deserves an education that is more than the mere memorization of facts?

Life Hub seeks to revolutionize the current education model. Rather than enforcing a standardised syllabus on all children, our vision is to enrich each child’s educational experience by bringing his/her interests to the forefront. We seek to understand what makes them tick, what they are passionate about and personalise their learning experience; learning begins from this vital point of reference. While laying the foundation for lifelong learning, our objective is also to equip children with 21st-century skills, making them tomorrow’s problem solvers.

Courses We Offer

Early Year Program

Children will benefit from the famed Montessori system of learning, combined with the best practices adopted from other educational streams with successful credentials.

Primary Year Program

Learning will be a combination of an academic syllabus and the best practices drawn from international educational systems with a verified, positive record.

Middle Year Program

Having acquired the skills for self-learning from former programmes, children now work more on academics while continuing to develop other skills through passion-based projects, all the while improving time-management skills.

How can my child join Life Hub?
  • Book a 30-minute discovery call.
    Schedule an appointment for discussion with a member of our team.
  • Visit Us
    See for yourself, “A typical day in the life of a child at Life Hub” and collect the admission form.
  • Admission
    Pay the fees and secure a seat.

Lifehub- The Alternative to Traditional Schooling

Imagine a schooling system that provides tailormade education to suit every child’s individual needs, abilities and passions without compromising on the benefits of a group setting. Picture a learning platform that aspires to equip your child with 21st-century skills sets, while ensuring holistic development. Life Hub is a homeschooling cooperative with a vision to accomplish this and more.

To understand the learning and assessment practices and methodologies followed at Life Hub, please download the brochure.